Sunday, December 6, 2015

Are we going to allow a dangerous mind control cult to manipulate our food supply?

Stephan Neidenbach -

A lot has been written about Kevin Folta in recent months by both the pro science and the anti science crowds. One organization, though, has taken their obsession of Professor Folta to a whole different level. GM Watch has so far published four blog posts so full of conjecture and misinformation that it makes one question the sanity of the people running their nonprofit. The most recent one featured myself. I don't know what they were hoping to accomplish with it, other than proving the point of one of the graphics they actually linked to.

The article did get me to take a closer look at GM Watch. They appear to currently be run by Claire Robinson and Jonathan Matthews. While not a lot is known about Jonathan Matthews, Claire Robinson we do know a lot about. She is heavily involved with Earth Open Source and GMO Free USA (count the Europeans involved with GMO Free "USA"). All of these organizations have strong ties to Transcendental Meditation, described as practicing "destructive mind control techniques" by leading cult expert Steve Hassan.

Ex-cult member, Gina Catena, describes her experiences with TM:

"Believing with my well-intentioned loved ones, I watched devotees donate entire trust funds, become psychotic, and decline needed medical treatment in favor of Maharishi Ayur-Ved (R) medicinals. A few committed suicide. Our leaders taught us that hardships were brought upon ourselves."

Does Ayurveda sound familiar? It is the pseudoscience promoted by Fran Drescher's husband, Shiva Ayyadurai, who recently made news by creating software that modeled formaldehyde in biotech soy. Are some of these connections starting to come together?

As part of this cult's search for "invincibility", they appear to believe in the consumption of their definition of "pure food". John Fagan, also of GMO Free USA, appears to have been assigned the task of creating "invincibility laboratories" around the world with the goals of testing food for biotech crops and glyphosate. It makes sense then that Fagan has close ties to the Non-GMO Project.

Many huge names in the anti-GMO movement appear to be connected to this destructive mind control cult. Dr. Oz describes his interest. Author of the Altered Genes book, lawyer Steven Druker is part of this group. Jeffrey Smith, of the Institute for Responsible Technology, can be seen practicing their art of flying yoga. Even Dr. Joseph Mercola himself is a practitioner, and his girlfriend appears to be an administrator of the March Against Monsanto Facebook page. Through the David Lynch Foundation, they are attempting to recruit public school students. One member who recently left Earth Open Source to work for Seattle Public Schools should frighten anyone living in that area. Even Center For Food Safety's director, Andrew Kimbrell, appears to have strong ties. The list goes on.

Cults attempting to shape public policy is nothing new. The Unification Church (Moonies) in their attempt to fight communism owns News World Communications (The Washington Times) and was linked to the South Korean government as members were found working in Congressional offices.

TM has been connected to the death of John Lennon, accused of covering up events leading to the murder of one of their students, and created a measles outbreak leading to a tax bill of $142,000. Considering organic farming was created by practitioners of pseudoscience, it shouldn't surprise anyone that it has been embraced and promoted by such a cult. We need to work to make sure their influence on our food supply comes to an end.

Edit: Mercola and Smith are both involved in a coalition of consumer pseudoscience organizations, including the Organic Consumer's Association which funded USRTK (responsible for the FOIA requests).

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